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    My new sounds:

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    ‘Garfield Def Comedy Jam’ by UCB is my new jam.
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    ‘Don’t Touch My Hair Hoe’ by Brooke Candyor my chinchilla coat
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    excellent series of lectures

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poem by nicholas bon


    poem by nicholas bon

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    Also look, a well done rape joke.

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    One of the top theoretical physicists hasn't written a popular book. Why?


    Why hasn’t Nima Arkani-Hamed, one of the most respected and influential particle theorists alive, written a popular book? That’s a fascinating opening question in this video interview from The Ideas Roadshow, and Nima’s answer is one I hadn’t seen before.

    Nima is indeed a top high…

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    Watch Particle Fever Online http://ift.tt/1o7mFot


    Particle Fever (2013)Particle Fever (2013)
    iMDB Rating: 8.0
    Date Released : 29 September 2013
    Genre : Documentary
    Stars : Martin Aleksa, Nima Arkani-Hamed, Savas Dimopoulos, Monica Dunford
    Movie Quality : BRrip
    Format : MKV
    Size : 870 MB

    Watch Particle Fever Streaming:

    The guy I did my last research project under made this, and its really good.

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    What does it mean for a scientific truth to be "beautiful"?


    Here is physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed’s take:

    It’s not fashion, it’s not sociology. It’s not something that you might find beautiful today but won’t find beautiful 10 years from now. The things that we find beautiful today we suspect would be beautiful for all eternity. And the reason is, what…

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    aahh someone uploaded the Amplituhedron talk video to youtube


'The gnomon is the part of a sundial that casts the shadow. Gnomon (γνώμων) is an ancient Greek word meaning "indicator", "one who discerns," or "that which reveals." Also, gnomon is the name given to an aesthetic process...whereby the whole of the character is revealed by a single part.'

'In geometry, a gnomon is a plane figure formed by removing a similar parallelogram from a corner of a larger parallelogram. More generically, the term gnomon denotes the form that is to be added to a figure to produce a larger figure of the same shape.'

'A vertical pole of known length embedded into a perfectly level plot of ground or slab of concrete. This device was used by the ancient Egyptians as a method of timekeeping.'

'The gnomons include all of the odd numbers; these can be represented by a right angle, or a carpenter’s square. Gnomons were extremely useful to the Pythagoreans. They could build up squares by adding gnomons to smaller squares and from such a figure could deduce many interrelationships: thus 12 + 3 = 22, 22 + 5 = 32, etc.;... In the speculation on odd and even numbers, the early Pythagoreans used so-called gnōmones. This procedure—which was so far Pythagorean—led later, perhaps in the Platonic Academy, to a speculation on “polygonal” numbers.